What makes Bin-It the smart move?

Our bins speed up the moving process. They are all the same size and safely stack on top of one another. This means you don’t have to spend time figuring out how to load your moving truck.

Less Stress

Using bins eliminates any damage that might occur during your move. Our bins are 20 times stronger than cardboard boxes. Your items will be safe and sound, no matter what.

Fresh & Clean

Our bins are sanitized after each use. We make sure that every customer gets a fresh set of bins, so you can pack your clothes, bedding and pillows with peace of mind.


No time wasted building and taping up boxes. There is no assembly required for our bins. As soon as you receive them, you can start packing right away.


By renting reusable plastic bins, you will be saving cardboard boxes from going to the landfill and reducing your carbon footprint in the process.

What people say about


Using Bin-it was one of the best decisions we made for our move. it was so easy the fill, seal and move on. Our movers also loved it! With the boxes all being sturdy and the same size it made their job easier and faster. 5+ stars!
Anna H.
So convenient! I will never move any other way. The bins were even more spacious than I thought and they brought plenty of them. This made my move so much less stressful and I can't recommend using this company enough!
Melanie B.
Just used Bin-it for a recent move, and I loved it. Just the simplicity and convenience of having sturdy plastic bins helped ease the pain of the move. I had a great experience and excellent customer service made my move a lot easier.
James P.
Fitness Coach
Service and product are excellent. Bin-it have a simple product and offer packages that are affordable and easy to choose. The website is clean, simple and a dream to use. Moving is a stressful event. This made me feel in control and organized.
Christina L.
Just finished using Bin-it boxes for a local move. Awesome sauce is all I can say!  Not really sure how anyone can move with out these things, it was just so easy.

Deanna G

I've moved many times and this has to be the most organized and smoothest move yet.The boxes were delivered and picked up on time and arrived spotlessly clean.
Martin I.

In a perfect world, Nashville would only need 2000 bins
to make all moves happen.

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